Mimbletown My Treasured Dream 


Born: 09 August 2017


Eden is our beautiful little spunky baby. We hope she will become part of our breeding program here at Mimbletown Pomeranians. She has the sweetest personality and is so friendly, playful and sweet.


Eden has a heterochromia iridium, which affects the colour of her left eye, which is three beautiful shades of blue. This is a cosmetic condition and does not affect her ability to see. Many spitz breeds have this as it's a condition passed down from common ancestors. While uncommon in poms it's not an issue health wise. It's simply a pretty little quirk she has and makes her unique and beautiful.


In 2020, we found her a forever home with Tahlia as she was too small for breeding. 

Eden is a cream Pomeranian.

Extended Pedigree