4 February 2010 - 23 July 2016

This is a post I’d hope I’d never have to make, but the reality is life is not constant, it’s fragile, precious and ever changing.

I recall the day we picked Mimble up, I had never been more nervous in my life, finally my dream would become reality.

When I laid my eyes on her I fell in love; her black nose, wild fur and a grumpy look on her face as she was woken up from her nap. Her breeder handed her to me and I held her tiny body in my arms and my heart soared! In that moment I became a mom.

she was real and she was mine.

She then bit my chin, peed on me and wriggled around in my jacket as I ran back to the car. I didn't care, she was officially ours. One of the best days of my life. she continued to cause quite the rukus in the car then half way home she fell as sleep in my arms, how precious she was, how perfect.

Despite Mimble’s many health issues, she was a fighter. From her grumpy personality and cheeky antics, Mimble was our world!

I held her when she would have seizures, stay up nights holding her and comforting her when she was in pain, she comforted me though surgery, food poisoning, the flu, and bouts of PMS. She was cuddle buddy, movie buddy and my baby. Hard days at work were made better because I had her to come home to.

Rest in peace my sweet baby, I'll try very hard not to miss you and be thankful for the time we had although short – so very special…

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