Time to Parti

May 7, 2017

Albion Park Kennel Club


'Mimbletown My Golden Star'

Result: Bitch Challenge, Australian Bred of Breed & Runner Up Best of Breed

Judge: Mrs Robin Mackintosh (NSW)


Wow, is the only word that comes to mind right now.


I was told by a few (who shall remain nameless) that Danica would never do well because she was parti-colour, I was told that showing her would be an embarrassment to the breed and that I shouldn't even bother. 


I'm so glad that I finally took a chance on our little girl, from the moment she began to walk, I knew she was special, eager to please and always smiling. Regrettably I let the words of others cloud what I knew in my heart to be true - that she was the dog I should be showing. 


If you're reading this, know this, you should always trust your heart and listen to your gut, don't let the words of others cloud your judgement and most importantly believe it what you've achieved. 


Without the kind encouraging words of friends I would have never had the courage to bring her out into the show scene, and now...well now, she's surpassed all my expectations, walking her little heart out and taking home the first few points towards her title. 


We've decided to focus on showing Danica as she enjoys it far more than Avia and Danica is such a blast to show.


We look forward to hitting the show rings with gusto! 





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