💫 Aust. Ch. Mimbletown My Golden Star 💫

It is with absolute pleasure I reintroduce Danica as Australian Champion Mimbletown My Golden Star aka Danica (pending Dogs NSW)

At the Kangaroo Valley A & H Association Show Danica took home the final points towards her title and was awarded Bitch Challenge and Australian Bred of Breed under judge Miss C Stuart (NSW).

I am floating on cloud nine! She is from my debut litter under my prefix Mimbletown, she was conditioned and handled by myself. She marks our first homebred Champion! (Hopefully not our last)

When we started this journey, I could not have imagined this moment, from the start it has been an uphill battle showing Danica in Sydney and it’s surrounds; against some fierce competition, stunning imports and against all the colour bias.

However, against all the odds we chipped away slowly towards her title never giving up. No matter how tired I was from the work week, I pushed myself got up at the crack of dawn and showed up to each show win or lose, we did it week after week! With her I finessed my grooming and handling skills, slowly I gained confidence and the fire to push through, she was the easiest most amazing girl to show! I was humbled in both her success and defeat.

This moment is bittersweet and I am sad this chapter has come to a outstanding conclusion. I may bring her out from time to time but for now she will be enjoying retirement and hopefully contributing towards the next generation of Mimbletown show hopefuls. I have enjoyed challenging the norm and hope to continually to do so and promote all the wonderful colours poms come in!

I was told not to show her, that she would be dead before I’d put a title on her, that she was nice but it was a shame she was a parti. time and time again I was told she wasn’t a Pomeranian, or that I’d never get anywhere showing a parti and that I should just stick to showing oranges...we sure proved them wrong!

A huge thank you to all the judges who awarded Danica, to those who went against the grain and awarded her above others and saw her potential beyond her colour. To my dear friends and family who supported and cheered me through all of this! To my hubby for being the most patient roadie for the support and encouragement, we thank you!

Yesterday one of my dreams come true ❤️

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