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Our Story

Welcome to Mimbletown Pomeranians​ we are a young couple located South of Sydney. We have been enjoying showing and breeding our wonderful Pomeranians for 10 years.​ Our breeding program is focused on breeding Orange, White, Cream & Particolour Pomeranians according to the Australian Standard.

My love affair for the breed began when I (Alannah) fell in love with the fluffy orange dog on the TV show “The Nanny”. Upon borrowing a book from the library, I discovered the dog in question was a Pomeranian and I became obsessed. One day, dreaming of having one of my own. How lucky was I to also find someone who would not only fall in love with me but also, Pomeranians: 'Hot Pom Dad' aka William. ​


After years of patiently waiting in 2010, Mimble joined our family, with Bowie joining us soon after. Despite Mimble’s many health issues and complications, we adored our special girl, who sadly grew her wings in 2016.  She started us on this journey and while she is no longer here, her spirit lives on in Mimbletown.​


In 2011, we welcomed Treasure from Crouchent Pomeranians, our first showgirl, we were bitten by the bug and while her show career was cut short, she went on to produce for us and she is behind most of our Pomeranians. We cannot thank Betty Taylor for helping to give us a marvellous start to the breed and also allowing us to have Caius as well in 2013,


I completed the breeder’s qualification program with Dogs NSW, and thus, Mimbletown was born. Given the issues we experienced with Mimble, it was important for us to ensure that we health tested and did what genetic screening we could do to ensure we continue to breed for the betterment of our breed. We made the decision from the beginning to have all our breeding dogs Orivet tested, as we know this is an investment into our breeding program.​


We welcomed our first litter in 2014: Avia and Danica - under our new prefix. A big thank you to Elizabeth & Michael Freidman of Delrunda Pomeranians for the use of Hugo, without whom we would not be where we are today.​Danica went on to be our first Australian Champion in 2018 she is also our foundation bitch having whelped 3 beautiful girls, one of whom is now also an Australian Champion.  ​


In 2018 one of our dreams came true when we imported Lucien a white Pomeranian from Russia. We look forward to how he will contribute to our breeding program. ​We are so passionate about nutrition, genetic studies, and breed education.


We are thankful for the continued support our family and our peers; breeders both in Australia and around the world who we continue to learn from.​​

Yours truly,

Alannah & William

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