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Ch. Mimbletown Gilded Brightflame


Born: 1 November 2019


Hazel is the daughter of Lucien and Ch. Danica. We loved her sister Aurora so much that we decided to repeat the mating. We were not disappointed.


Both Hazel's parents have been DNA tested with Orivet and found to be free of numerous inheritable diseases.

Hazel has hit the ground running in the show rings and has done tremendously well, she was awarded a Class in Show at the Canberra Toy Club show, which is an amazing achievement showing against many orange/solid dogs.


Surpassing the success of her mother Ch. Danica. We are so proud of this little girl and how she's promoting quality particolours in NSW. Hazel obtain her championship title in 2022. Hazel welcomed her first baby in 2023 freewhelping her like an absolute superstar. She will continue to be a program pom for us to help educate the public about the breed and her unique colour. 

Hazel is an Orange particolour.

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Extended Pedigree

Aurora Pedigree.png
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