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Mimbletown Wish Upon a Star

Born: 12 May 2019

Issa is a special little girl, she was born at only 60g and she was tube fed and bottle fed and weighs in at 1.1kg! She is the smallest Pomeranian I have ever seen. She fought so hard to live and her name means strong willed and she certainly lives up to her name. 

She is also incredibly special in that we have never had or seen a Pomeranian her colour! She was born pitch black and from what some other experienced breeders have said, she is Cream Sable. 


We had a home lined up for her, however, through no fault of her own and an injury to her leg we decided we couldn't part with her and so she's staying here with us as her forever home, as we know we can provide her with the best care possible for her special needs. She truly steals the heart of everyone she meets. 

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